Overview of the site

Rites Of Passage-Very meaningful ways to solidify a youth's God given identity and destiny.

The goal of this site is to help Dad's create a ceremony for their son's where their son answers at least 7 of the questions to the right-- or some variation-- in front of other men they trust.

We want fathers to work with closely with their son's to answer some of life's most important questions in order to solidify their God given unique identity and destiny.

Send me evidence of the completed questions and the ceremony and your name will go on the "Wall of Responsibility"

21 Important Questions For Your Son To Answer

  1. *Do you have what it takes to make it in this life? Why?
  2. *Do you believe there is a spiritual battle? Why?
  3. *Does God have great plans for you? Why?
  4. *Does the world need what God has placed in you? Why?
  5. *How should you study the Bible?
  6. *How should you choose your friends?
  7. *Do you deserve to be given good things? Why not?
  8. *Do you want to remain sexually abstinent until you are married? Why?
  9. *How do you win someone’s heart?
  10. *What is more important than you? What is worth dying for?
  11. *Why is it important for you to be a diligent and trustworthy worker?
  12. *Why are the effects of forgiveness so good and the effects of unforgiveness so bad on your relationships?
  13. *Why do your words have the power of life and death?
  14. *Do you want to become someone who God admires? How?
  15. *What is the Gospel?
  16. *Do you believe that creation bears witness to a creator? Why?
  17. *Do you want to have regular quiet times? How does that relate to hearing God’s voice?
  18. *Why is the truest evidence of what you believe found in your actions and not in your words or mind?
  19. *Why is it important for you to consistently learn more about math, science, language, culture and the arts?
  20. *Why are habits critical to the success of your life? What is the price of discipline and indiscipline?
  21. *Do you want to be a influential leader? If so, what must you do to become one?
  22. *What does it mean to be a steward? How does that relate to spending, saving and giving?

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